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Melange (French) – To mix or blend

Melange Roll-On Perfumes are inspired by the most coveted fragrance notes in custom blending. Alcohol free, each perfume is carefully crafted by hand in a base of natural Coconut Oil Fractions and Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil, which leave the integrity of the fragrance notes intact and adds a rich dimension to our perfumes. Numbered in an archive format, each blend is a tribute to a carefully selected set fragrance notes using the highest quality essential oils and hybrid fragrances available. The .25 ounce size is perfect for travel or a handbag.

All Melange Perfumes are artisanally prepared note by note in small quantities, then hand-poured in our studio so they reach you perfectly fragrant.  They are designed to be worn alone or layered with other Melange Roll-On Perfumes to create a custom fragrance blend.

Blends No. 1 – No. 7, No. 16, No. 18 – No. 20 emphasize lighter and fresh floral, citrus, green & fruit perfume blends.

Blends No. 8 – No. 15, No. 17, No. 21 – No.24 emphasize warmer and rich floral, amber & fruit perfume blends.

Blend No. 1   Cucumber, Waterlily, Cut Grass– Delicate Waterlily flowers artfully interlaced with notes of Cucumber and Cut Grass.  An inspired balance of aqueous, floral and green notes that has captivated many people who previously would not wear perfume.

Blend No. 2  Mimosa Blossom and Citron– An exquisite floral blend with green accords inspired by a visit to the Laguna coast in early spring.  Mimosa Blossom, the fragrant flower of the Acacia tree, enlivened with top notes of fresh Citron and aromatic Italian Bergamot citrus.

Blend No. 3   Japanese Tea Rose and Sakura Blossom The perfect marriage of the elegant Japanese Tea Rose and fragrant Sakura Blossom, also known as Cherry Blossom.  One imagines celebrating the Hanami and gathering under the Cherry Trees to take in their intoxicating fragrance and admire their beauty.

Blend No. 4  Sakura Blossom, Ginger and White Tea– Reminiscent of early spring, lush Sakura Blossom is interlaced with fresh Ginger flower and fragrant Lutchensis Camellia.  A perfect way to welcome the warmer days of spring and summer.

Blend No. 5 Tahitian Gardenia and White Tea– Also known as Tiare, fragrant Tahitian Gardenia are native to Polynesia. Once reserved for Island nobility, the blossoms are celebrated in the wedding lei and prized by Gardenia lovers for their rich, warm fragrance and complimented with a top note of sweet White Tea.

Blend No. 6 Pomegranate and Grapefruit– The perfect marriage of fruit and citrus notes. Lush fruit note Pomegranate, reserved specifically for this blend, enhanced with a top note of White Grapefruit essential oil.

Blend No. 7  Iris and Peony– The Greek word meaning rainbow, the spectacular fragrance of  Iris is produced by the Orris Root of the flower. A truly vibrant floral blend enlivened with notes of fresh Peony, sweet Violet and Caramel.

Blend No. 8  Amber, Vanilla Orchid, and Plum Blossom– Opulent Amber paired with notes of rich Vanilla Orchid and fresh Ume Plum Blossom. Warm and very modern.

Blend No. 9    Melati Jasmine, Black Currant and Bergamot– Exotic Indonesian Jasmine, artfully enlivened with fruit notes of Black Casis berry and Bergamot citrus essential oil. This unorthodox melange enjoys a loyal following among Jasmine lovers.

Blend No. 10  White Lily, Sandalwood, Amber, and Tonka Bean– The lure of the Lilium Casa Blanca, lauded as the most fragrant of all Lily flowers, enhanced with notes of Sandalwood, sweet Amber and luscious Tonka Bean oil.  A sophisticated, rich floral melange that is wearable year-around.

Blend No. 11  Sugandaraja, Neroli, Jasmine–  Native to India, Sugandaraja Tuberose translated means king of fragrance. This spectacular tropical floral note is embellished with rich Neroli Blossom and our signature Melati Jasmine.  A perfect oasis of tropical floral blossoms.

Blend No. 12   Frangipani and Gardenia– Seductive Frangipani, also known as Plumeria, blended with the equally beautiful Tahitian Gardenia. Imagine the possibilities of a flower so compelling it lures the Sphinx Moth on summer evenings, together with a Gardenia adored for centuries and celebrated in the Polynesian wedding lei.

Blend No. 13  Amber, Chocolate, Guava and Gardenia– Dark chocolate and fragrant Tahitian Gardenia blossoms, perfectly balanced with notes of fresh tropical Guava fruit and sweet Amber.  Our favorite things in one fabulous perfume blend that has captured the imagination of many people.

Blend No. 14  Plum Blossom & Tobacco Leaf–  In Chinese writings, the five blossoms of the winter flowering Ume Plum are said to symbolize the five blessings of life. This blossom seduces us with its distinctive floral fragrance and a whisper of fresh Plum, perfectly balanced with aromatic Tobacco Leaf and rich Black Tea.

Blend No. 15  Cedar, Musk and Patchouli–  One of our most popular solid perfume blends now available as a roll-on!  A pure essential oil blend of fresh Cedar and reserve Patchouli, cradled in a natural CO2 distillation of Ambrette Seed Oil for a sweet musk note. The perfect arrangement of warm, spice and sweet notes.

Blend No. 16   Paperwhite– Synonymous with the arrival of spring, Paperwhite perfume embodies the sparkling fragrance of the Narcissus in bloom. A bright floral melange with notes of White Flower, fresh Grass and White Tea.

Blend No. 17  Orchid, Choisya and Tuberose– Sultry Brazilian Leilia Orchid, accentuated with ultra-fragrant Mexican Choisya blossoms & rich Indian Tuberose.  A treat for your senses that unfolds perfectly and endures.

Blend No. 18   Lychee, Yuzu and Wild Bergamot– Sweet tropical Lychee fruit, perfectly balanced with notes of fresh wild Bergamot and Japanese Yuzu citrus. A perfect homage to the adored Yuzu citrus note.

Blend No. 19   Lilac, Tobacco and Peony– Nostalgic Lilac, cradled in notes of rich Tobacco Leaf and fresh Peony.  The result is familiar yet exciting and new at the same time.

Blend No. 20  Lotus flower, Jasmine and Plum Blossom– New for 2015! Fresh green and floral notes of the aquatic perennial Lotus flower, perfectly paired with aromatic Melati Indian Jasmine and exotic Plum Blossom.

Blend No. 21 Madagascar Amber – NEW!  Aromatic absolute of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, layered with sweet Amber essential oil derived from tree resin.  A rich and aromatic alternative to a traditional Vanilla perfume blend. All Natural Blend.

Blend No. 22 Ylang Ylang, Vanilla Absolute & Sandalwood – NEW!  Ultra-fragrant Malaysian Ylang- Ylang blossoms interlaced with Tahitian Vanilla absolute and West Indian Sandalwood. A gorgeous mélange of tropical floral and spicy base notes. All Natural Blend.

Blend No. 23 Vanillaand Lavender – NEW!  Tahitian Vanilla Orchid, Bulgarian Lavender and Muget Lily with a bright Mandarin top note.

Blend No. 24 Cashmere Musk, Mandarin and Bergamot – NEW!  A gorgeous blend of aromatic floral musk derived from Ambrette Seed

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