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Melange Solid Perfume Singles .56 ounces $18
Melange Solid Perfume Singles .56 ounces $18-Solid perfume, amber, plum, vanilla, cedar, japanese tea rose, sakura blossom, neroli, orange, musk, patchouli,fig, pear, gardenia, melati jasmine, mimosa, plum blossom, tobacco, tea
Melange Solid Perfume Singles .56 ounces $18

Melange - French.  To mix or blend.

Melange Solid Perfume Singles contain our most popular fragrance blends artfully formulated in our signature base of natural Beeswax and Jojoba Oil.  The result is a perfectly formed solid perfume that glides onto the skin and disperses the fragrance beautifully. At .56 ounces, they are double the size of our previous solid perfumes and perfect for a handbag or travel because when you love your fragrance it should go everywhere with you!

All Melange Perfumes are artisanally prepared note-by-note in small quantities, then hand-poured in our studio so they arrive to you perfectly fragrant.  They are designed to be worn alone or layered with other Melange Solid Perfume Singles to create a unique fragrance blend. Choose from:

Cedar, Musk & Patchouli - pure essential oils of Cedar and Patchouli Leaf, balanced with Ambrette Seed Absolute, the natural musk note of the Musk Mallow and Italian Bergamot.

Fig & Anjou Peara delightful take on a Fig perfume inspired by a fresh Mission Fig and enlivened with lush Anjou Pear. 

Gardenia vibrant gardenia infused with a hint of rich Sugandaraja Indian Tuberose and Ylang-Ylang essential oil. 

Melati Jasmine - as seen in Real Simple Magazine, our favorite natural Indonesian Jasmine.  A perfect single note Jasmine, rich and exotic. 

Mimosa Blossom & Citron - a gorgeous green floral blend of Mimosa flowers, the sweet blossom of the Acacia tree, accentuated with top notes of fresh Italian Bergamot and Citron and inspired by a visit to the Laguna coast in spring.

Neroli Blossom & Orange - who can resist the lure of the Neroli blossom in bloom each spring?  This stunning perfume celebrates the irresistible Neroli flower perfectly balanced with Blood Orange Essential Oil.

Plum Blossom & Tobacconotes of lush, winter-blooming Umi Plum blossoms with base notes of fragrant Tobacco Leaf, Black Tea and rich Casis Noir fruit. 

Tobacco and Tea Noir - our popular aromatic Tobacco Leaf infused with notes of rich Black Tea and gorgeous Indian Vetyver.

Japanese Tea Rose - Japanese Tea Rose, a light rose with fresh green undertones, interlaced with a touch of Sakura Blossom, also known as Cherry Blossom.  A perfect melange of floral and fruit accords.  LIMITED EDITION BLEND AVAILABLE APRIL - JUNE.

Amber, Plum & Vanilla Orchid - opulent Amber paired with notes of rich Vanilla Orchid and fragrant winter blooming Ume Plum Blossom.  LIMITED EDITION BLEND AVAILABLE OCTOBER - DECEMBER.

Solid Perfume Singles:

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